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Your business is growing and you're ready for a Stripe payments plugin made exactly to fit your unique product/market/brand.

We are experts at Stripe API development and WordPress development.

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Popular Payments

Popular Payments

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Via our custom plugins
Total / Stripe for WP
300+ / 25+
Years of Experience
Senior Developer / Junior Developers
22+ / 5+

We've Built;

Subscriptions Custom registration, flexible pricing structures, upsells, pdfs, docusign, full account setup.
Integrations Integrate checkout with CRMs, lead management, order fulfillment, any API or plugin.
Split Payments For sub-contractors or third party vendors to get paid immediatly, using Stripe Connect.
Automations and Tracking Trigger Zaps, notify sales funnel, ad network event tracking, upgrades, downgrades, etc
Coupons and Discounts Coupons checked instantly upon entry, discounts based on volumn, frequency, referrals.
Invoices Get 100% custom invoices right there on your website. All of the above can be baked in.


Price and Process?

Bespoke Stripe plugins for WP start at 3k usd. We'll do at least one discovery call, map out the build, and when you've confirmed the details we'll get right on it. Our clients rave about our service, WP Cashier tends to 'pay for itself'.

Why WP Cashier?

We are Stripe for WP specialists, enthusiasts, and yes, wizards. We also love to build API mashups to any service you use. If you're wondering if, instead of hiring us, you should spend countless hours researching Stripe plugins for WordPress then only being 70% satisfied with an out of box solution..

We encourage you to imagine.. Imagine if you could have a payments plugin for your site that can not only do any of the things listed above, but also pretty much anything you can think of. Imagine all the ways that could benefit your business.


We guarantee we will build what we agree to build and after we're done, should any issue in our work possibly come up, of course we will fix it asap. Our chief purpose is your success.



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